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Your Marketing Strategy: How to Be Heard in a Crowded Market

The digital era has connected everything and almost everyone to the online world, giving businesses an opportunity to reach a broader audience more than ever before. However, every business rushed to utilize the benefits of operating online, which made the market quite competitive and overcrowded. Nowadays, standing out in a crowd and getting the message […]

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questions about marketing

Email Marketing Checklist: Don’t Hit Send Just Yet!

Over 100 billion emails are sent every single day. So the stakes are high to make a meaningful impression in your potential customers’ inbox. You’ve already gotten their email address (yay!) so why blow your opportunity with lacklustre emails? When executed effectively, emails can turn your warm leads into paying customers and even brand evangelists! […]

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effective ad copy

Clickable Ad Copy: 6 Quick Tips

I recently came across a quote that I find so relevant to all my client’s marketing tactics (and my own!): “People don’t read ads. They read what interests them.” Right?! I can’t remember where I found it, but it’s been extremely helpful in crafting ad copy. This quote got me thinking about what makes ad copy […]

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4 things google analytics tells you about your customers

4 Amazing Things Google Analytics Tells You About Your Customers

  The more narrowly you can define your current customers, the better you can address their needs, drive repeat sales, and find more of them! Without this knowledge, you’re essentially running your business and marketing strategy blindly. Your web developer or marketing consultant should have set up a Google Analytics account at the time of your […]

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instagram algorithm

How the Instagram Algorithm Works & How to Beat It

A new Instagram algorithm was introduced in 2016 which makes it easier for individuals to find new content aligned with their interests, but businesses that don’t know how to overcome these new factors are having difficulty expanding their reach. You put a lot of time and effort into your posts, so it doesn’t seem fair […]

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red flags that scream its time for a new logo design

7 Red Flags that Scream it’s Time for a New Logo Design

You loved your logo at first. You were excited to show it off to the world. But as you come across other cool and unique business’s logos, you’re realizing how awful your logo design really is. But it doesn’t need to be! A logo refresh can actually be a great opportunity to attract new business […]

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the logo design process

Logo Design Process: Hiring a Professional

Designing a logo is much more than slapping together the name of the business and an icon. It’s a representation of your brand and should elicit a feeling among your customers. It’s how people identify and remember your business. Your logo shouldn’t be something that you need to refresh every few years. A good designer […]

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the 10 emails you're not sending

The 10 Emails You Aren’t Sending Your Subscribers

You’re finally onboard with building your email list. You’re doing all the right things to boost your subscribers. But sometimes you draw a blank when it comes to email topics to share with your tribe. Consistent blogging will help steer the direction of your emails but sometimes it’s not always possible to be creating unique […]

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what is micro influencer marketing

What is Micro-Influencer Marketing? & How to Get Started

When you think of influencer marketing, do you automatically think of celebrities like Kylie Jenner promoting detox tea on Instagram? Influencer marketing is when businesses partner with an individual or company to promote their products to their network. It’s a common tacticsfor marketers to implement through blogs, social media, and YouTube videos. Why are they […]

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18 Things to Post on Instagram When You’re Fresh Out of Ideas

There’s a stigma behind business Instagram accounts that it needs to be 100% strictly business-driving posts. The truth is, the accounts that seamlessly mesh personal+business together are the ones that foster more engagement and build connections with their followers. But finding that balance can be tricky. We all feel slightly lost sometimes on what to […]

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